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Common Humanitarian Fund(CHF)


1st August 2015-31st December 2016

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Project Brief:

The right to education is not being fully realized for girls and boys living in conflict-affected and fragile areas of Kismayu District. According to the

REACH Tri-Cluster Assessment for Kismayo, 92% of caregivers interviewed indicated that they do not send their children to school. There are over 40 IDP settlements in Kismayu town, the bulk of who lack access to basic services including education. Other challenges faced by IDPs in Kismayu include reliance on marginal and often unreliable livelihood strategies as well as poor living and sanitary conditions (ADRA needs Assessment, 2015). Sexual and gender based violence against girls is widespread, in all the IDP settlements; this was confirmed by ADRA’s Assessment conducted in early 2015 (attached). Also, the assessment indicated that there is a severe lack of adequate learning spaces and learning Materials. In the camps around Daxiilska IDP settlement (it consists of 22 camps in total), the camp managers interviewed indicated the need to Provide vital education services, since these are severely lacking. ADRA understands that in emergency situations like is the case currently in

Kismayu, girls and boys have different vulnerabilities and capacities and, therefore, different protection needs. ADRA also understands that education can both be empowering and protective for girls and boys, and this intervention will therefore be designed to be protective for all children affected by the crisis in Kismayu




·         The action’s broad objective is to ensure that IDPs and community members at large have access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food and adequate water to maintain a healthy and active life


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