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The Power of Education

Education is a basic human right as well as a precondition for any serious effort to return peace, prosperity, and justice to Somalia’s citizens on a lasting basis. The Education system in Somalia was destroyed due to the civil war and the subsequent collapse of the central state in 1991. Pro-longed periods of instability and intermittent conflict constrained the ability of local populations and the international community to rehabilitate the country’s educational facilities and resources.

Education can provide structure and stability for children who have been traumatized by war. Good education can help reduce gender inequalities, child exploitation, and the likelihood of future violence in the wider society. If this generation of Somali children is to find hope for the future, there needs to be an emphasis on education. Without education the achievements for success will not happen. With every educated student comes the potential for a leader of tomorrow. The struggle to educate children in Somalia has brought foundations like ADRA to give Somali children in Somalia that opportunity.

Somali parents and community leaders know the importance of education and dream of giving every school-age child a chance to go to school and learn. 

Many parents and community leaders have taken education into their own hands, but they still don’t have the necessary re-sources. Because of these obstacles and additional difficult circumstances, millions of children are not getting an education, and to give a helping hand ADRA Somalia implemented ELMIDOON project “seeking knowledge” with funding from the Europe-and Union (EU) in Banadir region from December 2012 to November 2015.

The education system exhibits very low access opportunities and poor quality of education at all levels, with striking disparity between male and female enrollment rates, among administrative regions, and amongst various social and economic groups therefore the project will consolidate and improve the existing education opportunities and provide additional quality primary education opportunities in two cities in Somalia (Mogadishu and Baidoa),hence many children will get access to good and better education and become future leaders of tomorrow that Somalia needs. Under this project the mother sup-port group was established in 12 primary schools in Mogadishu so as to bring together mothers and teachers to address challenges of education and to tap into the influential that mother can have in enrollment and attendance of school by children especially girls. Also 8 primary schools were rehabilitated in Mogadishu through the Elmidoon project. The estimated beneficiaries in this project are 16,269 learners of which 45% are girls.

The Objective of the project is to revive and promote education at all levels and to give every child and citizen equal access to free public education

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