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Project Name: Somali Energy Transformation(SET)


European Union(EU)

Duration: Dec 2014-Nov 2017  (3yrs)

Targeted Beneficiaries:


Actual Beneficiaries to date: 100,000


Project Brief:


The proposed Somalia Energy Transformation (SET) Project is being proposed by ADRA Deutschland e.V. (ADRA Germany) for €2,666,816 to promote access to modern energy services in rural and peri-urban Somalia, while helping fight climate change. ADRA and other development-orientated organizations have carried out needs assessments in the target area in November 2013, and reports reveal extremely minimal investment in rural electrification.  More than 95% of the rural population in Somalia has no access to energy.  About 87% of total energy consumption in Somalia is derived from biomass fuel (ADRA 2012). Charcoal or firewood option is practically the only energy option for rural and peri-urban populations. Adoptions of sustainable energy technologies have been too low, as households continue to use inefficient and expensive conversion technologies. Energy efficient cook stoves, such as ceramic charcoal stoves although known to reduce charcoal consumption by 60% are not widely disseminated





Overall Objective: To contribute to poverty alleviation,  fragility reduction and climate change mitigation for rural and peri-urban people in Somalia


Specific objective: To increase the access to sustainable, affordable and appropriate energy services to at least 100,000 energy insecure households in rural and peri-urban areas of Somaliland, Puntland and South Central Somalia.

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